Cruelty Free


We at Vital Earth Traditions only test our products on our friends, neighbors and community that are human beings.

We do not test on our furry or feathered friends!

Our products are natural, food based and smell like you could eat them.  We cannot guarrentee that your furry friends won’t try to lick our product off of you!

Meet some of my furry friends that I don’t test on that are always trying to lick me!



Murphy, Aamber & Natural Bitch

Dr. Zues Pugglesworth

Duke The Dominator



St. Pauli Girl

 The expression on her face let’s you know exactly how she feel’s about those dogs!

If you are thinking that all those animal names are also names of BEER; (YOU’RE CORRECT) the reason why is because my wild & crazy husband names all of our pets after names of Beers from all countries of the world.  We do put the name to a family vote but somehow he always gets his way!

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