Wholesale, Re-Seller & Private Label Accounts

Resellers merchandising Vital Earth Traditions productsThank you for your interest in offering Vital Earth Tradition’s natural skin & body care products to your customers. We hope to have you join our group of successful Vital Earth Tradition wholesale and re-sellers! We invite you to start the process today.

To begin the approval process for setting up a new account in the U.S., please fill out the Wholesale and Re-seller’s Approval Form. If you are outside of the United States, please point this out on the form.

New Accounts 

Please allow up to two weeks for your new account form to be processed and reviewed by our Marketing Director. Submission of application materials does not guarantee account approval. A customer number will be established with your first order upon approval of new account.

Before you place your initial order online, we must receive a signed copy of the Vital Earth Tradition’s new account policy page, completed New Customer Form (which will be provided when you contact us by the wholesale/re-seller’s approval form) and Sales & Use Tax or Resale ID # issued to your company by all states in which you operate retail stores. Interior and exterior photos of your store may be required for account approval.

Vital Earth Traditions LLC does not allow our products to be sold on any type of auction site or web-only business. Existing stores may sell Vital Earth Traditions products on their website if approved. Vital Earth Traditions reserves the right to limit or discontinue the selling of its products to accounts with sale and distribution strategies not compatible to those of Vital Earth Traditions.

WE CURRENTLY DON’T OFFER DROP SHIP SERVICES FOR OUR WHOLESALE OR PRIVATE LABEL CUSTOMERS.  We do NOT have the staff or man hours at this time to offer this service to our customers. (Drop Ship Services is when a product production company ships your customer orders for you, like from your web site.)


International Distribution

Wholesale purchases of Vital Earth Traditions products are exclusively for resale to the end-consumer in the United States. International distribution or sales to a third party other than an end-consumer is strictly prohibited unless specifically approved in writing by Vital Earth Traditions.

Minimum Order Amounts 

The minimum opening order for Vital Earth Traditions is $350.00 for WHOLESALE Accounts. Our re-order minimum is $250.00 for WHOLESALE Accounts. The minimums for RE-SELLER Accounts are $550.00 for an opening order with minimum reorders of $350.00. All individual products are sold in cases of 3, 6, 12 or 24 pieces for wholesale accounts. View our online catalog for Natural Skin & Body Care products.   Samples and Testers are available 1 per item/product per customer at a discount per order (the tester price is currently the same) for orders under $350.00 and 2 per item/product for orders over $750.00.   Full payment is due at the time of purchase for wholesale, re-seller and private label accounts.  Production of your order will begin when your payment for product has cleared our bank account.  We no longer accept orders for less than these numbers per individual item.  The case sizes are double the listed number for RE-SELLER customers starting in July 2014.

Lip Balm, Lip Gloss, Lip Stick and Lip Mousse (all types) – 12 per case  (24 per case starting July 2014)

Lotion (all sizes except 2 oz.) – 6 per case

Lotion 2 oz. – 12 per case

Whipped Body Butter- 6 per case

Whipped Shea Butter – 6 per case  (12 per case starting July 2014)

Lotion Bar – 3 per case

4 oz. Soy Massage Candles – 3 per case

8 oz. Mason Candle Jars – 3 per case

16 oz. Smooth Glass Jars – 3 per case

Deodorants – 6 per case

Sugar Scrub – 3 per case  (6 per case starting July 2014)

Body & Massage Oils – 3 per case

Bar Soap – 3 per case

Liquid Soap – 3 per case

Bath Salt – 3 per case

Bath Fizzy – 12 per case

Room Spray – 3 per case

Salves & Herbal Products – 6 per case

Skin Care For The Face – 12 per case

Toner For The Face – 6 per case

Face Masks – 3 per case

Hair Products – 6 per case

Massage Lotion & Therapeutic Products – 6 per case

Production Time

Our products are made by hand with natural and fresh ingredients acquired as orders are placed making our production time 10 to 12 business days and up to 14 business days during busy seasons.  Larger orders over 500 or more pieces can take up to 15 to 25 of business days depending on the products ordered for production.  Special order cold process soap takes at least 3 weeks to cure after creation.  Shipping time after product creation is 2 to 5 business days.  We are closed for all nationally recognized Holidays.  OUR PRODUCTION LAB IS CLOSED EVERY YEAR FROM DECEMBER 12TH TO JANUARY 3RD FOR INVENTORY AND NECESSARY BUSINESS MAINTENANCE.  Holiday items should be ordered a minimum 90 days before the actual Holiday.  For the Christmas Holiday all orders should be placed before September 20th to ensure there is enough stock to complete your order.  Please, plan ahead for closure dates and purchase the product you require ahead of time.  Full payment is due at the time of purchase for wholesale, re-seller and private label accounts.  Production of your order will begin when your payment for product has cleared our bank account.

Rush Order

If you would like your order created and delivered to you before the standard 10 to 12 business day time frame after your payment has cleared there will be a RUSH ORDER FEE.  There is a fee of $75.00 for all orders $250 or less, all orders $251.00 to $500.00 is $150.00 and orders $501.00 to $750.00 is $225.00.  All orders totaling more than $750.00 will be negotiated by phone.  Rush Orders on large orders of 500 or more pieces will be negotiated by phone.

Caring For Natural Products & Returns

Vital Earth Traditions products are preserved naturally.  Our products are designed to be fresh for your skin and should be stored out of direct sunlight in the most cool location closest to a stores checkout/cashier station.  When ordering our products the wholesale & re-seller customers take full responsibility of the proper care of these naturally preserved products.  We do not replace products damaged by climate or temperature changes or that were placed in direct sunlight while in the customers care.  If there is a problem with the product resulting from the production process those items will be replaced, there are no cash refunds due to every order being a special order made specifically for each customer.

Private Label Accounts

We are no longer providing the “Private Label” production & services to new customers. Vital Earth Traditions is still providing formulation services, you can see details & cost here http://www.vitalearthtraditions.com/store/#!/~/product/category=4702130&id=20033953.  Please, note that all recipes are owned by Vital Earth Traditions unless a contract was signed, hours of formulation for recipe paid in full and final recipe formulation purchased.  The hourly rate for formulation is $250.00 after the initial $150.00 formulation fee.

Current & past private label customers pay for and provide all of their own graphics, art & design of the labels.  Labels for private label accounts are purchased and provided by the customer.  ALL PRIVATE LABELS FOR PRODUCTS MUST BE PRE-APPROVED BY VITAL EARTH TRADITIONS BEFORE USE AND PUT ON PRODUCTS WE CREATE FOR YOUR DISTRIBUTION. THIRD PARTY PRIVATE LABEL BUSINESS IS NOT PERMITTED WITH OUR PRODUCTS. Product insurance is the responsibility of the private label customer.  The arrangement for the physical work of labeling the product is the responsibility of the customer.  All individual products are sold in cases of 3, 6, 12 and 24.  All customers will provide correct and legal information on their labels or the account will be terminated immediately.  Vital Earth Traditions LLC reserves the right to terminate any account immediately without notice.


* The artwork, graphics and label design with the Vital Earth Traditions and Natural Bitch logos are privately owned by Vital Earth Traditions and Creative Kismet Design and are NOT available for use by anyone.

*All artwork and graphics on the WEBSITES of Vital Earth Traditions and Natural Bitch are privately owned by Vital Earth Traditions and Creative Kismet Design and are NOT available for use by anyone.